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Shift Assy

Pt# 100 Shifting Assembly Kit*

  • Park Lock and Range Selector Lever
  • Detent Lever
  • Guide Plate
  • Extension Spring
  • Spring Retainer
  • E-Clip
  • Bolts (3)/Washer (1)/Nut (1)

$59.00 + 8.50 Shipping

Pt# 101 Parking Pawl Assembly Kit*

  • Park Lock Pawl Reaction Bracket
  • Parking Pawl Pin
  • Parking Pawl
  • Torsion Spring
  • Park Lock Actuator Assy
  • E-Clip
  • C-Clip
  • Bolts (2)

$69.00 + 8.50 Shipping

Park Pawl
Rev Piston

Pt# 102 Reverse Piston Kit*

  • Reverse Clutch Piston
  • Reverse Clutch Spring Retainer
  • Reverse Gear Pressure Plate
  • Reverse Piston Hub Retainer
  • Reverse Clutch Pack Retainer
  • Springs

$59.00 + 15.00 Shipping

Pt# 103 High Gear Piston Kit*

  • High Gear Clutch Piston
  • High Gear Clutch Spring Retainer
  • Front Clutch Hub Thrust Washer
  • Rear Clutch Hub Thrust Washer
  • Sun Gear Flange Retainer
  • High Gear Hub Retainer
  • Springs (24)

$45.00 + 8.50 Shipping

High Gear Piston
Lo Gear

Pt# 104 Low Gear Kit*

  • Band Apply Strut
  • Band Anchor Strut
  • Band Anchor Adjusting Screw and Nut
  • Servo
  • Servo Cover
  • Servo Piston Rod
  • Servo Apply Line
  • Sealing Ring
  • Servo Piston Return Spring
  • Servo Piston Rod Retainer
  • Bolts

$89.00 + 8.50 Shipping

Pt# 105 Complete Parts Kit*

Includes Kits #100-104

$325.00 + 20.00 Shipping

Gov Sup

Governor Support

$35.00 + 8.50 Shipping


Rebuilt Governor

$69.00 + 15.00 Shipping 

*Please Note: there is a limit of 2 kits per customer.

Parts Are Sold As-Is

Please be advised that these parts are OEM from transmission cores that have had years of driving under unknown conditions. While we clean and visually inspect components when assembling the kits but we cannot guarantee that there will not be some excess wear not noted.

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